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Expedition to the End of the World

Harris Theater

Tue, October 21 to Thu, October 23
Mon: No Screening | Tues-Thur: 7:30

An adventure film for the 21st century, this is a grand journey to the last uncharted area of the globe.

Visiting Artist: Steve Wetzel

Melwood Screening Room

Wed, October 22
Wed: 8:00pm

Milwaukee-based artist and educator Stephen Wetzel creates documentary videos that focus on social construction, a theme that can be found in a book he penned in 2010, called “Occasional Performances and Wayward Writings.”


Melwood Screening Room

Thu, October 23
Thur: 7:00pm

Darkly comic, this Coen Brothers thriller created one of cinema's classic female characters: Marge Gunderson.

Last Days in Vietnam

Harris Theater

Fri, October 24 to Thu, October 30

"Director Rory Kennedy's documentary isn't an examination of the rights or wrongs of U.S. involvement in Vietnam, but a thrilling narrative told with first-person stories of the war's chaotic end.” — NPR

The Tingler

Regent Square Theater

Sun, October 26
Sunday 8:00pm

A pathologist, played by Vincent Price, regularly conducts autopsies on executed prisoners to test his theory that fear is the result of a parasite that lives inside us, and that it's suppressed by our ability to scream when fear strikes. This cult classic is legendary for having vibrating devices in the theater seats in 1959. (William Castle; USA; 1959; 82 min)

My Life As a Dog

Melwood Screening Room

Wed, October 29

Featuring an incredibly natural performance by its young star, this unforgettable film is a bittersweet evocation of the struggles and joys of growing up. With subtitles.


Regent Square Theater

Fri, October 31 to Sat, November 1

Seriously, who ya gonna call? In this universally adored comedy, three unemployed para-psychology professors set up shop as a ghost removal service in Manhattan. Stars Bill Murray, Dan Akyroyd, and Harold Ramis. (Ivan Reitman; 1984; 105 min)

Three Rivers Film Festival

Regent Sq, Harris, Melwood & Waterworks

Fri, November 7 to Sat, November 22
November 7-22, 2014

Opening Night Films announced! Visit for more info.

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