The Interrupters

Harris Theater

September 23 to October 6
Oct 3-6
Mon-Wed 8:00
Thur 5:30, 8:00

From the director of Hoop Dreams comes this inspirational true story about a powerful initiative to stop urban violence. Shot in Chicago over the course of a year, this absorbing documentary offers an unusually intimate journey into the stubborn, persistence of this tragedy in our cities. The “violence interrupters” are a group of ex-convicts who've joined CeaseFire, an innovative organization determined to stop it. But rather than lecture in schools, they get out on the streets and help resolve conflict. This haunting film has lessons for us all. (Steve James; USA; 2011; 125 min; Digital Projection)

Discussion after the 4:00 screening on Sat Oct 1, includes speakers from local organiztions Hill House , One Vision, One Life, & The YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh