A Royal Affair

Regent Square Theater

December 7 to December 16
Showtimes for Dec 14-16
Fri 8:00 | Sat 2:15, 5:00, 8:00 | Sun 2:15, 5:00
CLOSED Mon Dec 17

It's an epic period drama with a contemporary edge that combines lust and political intrigue. Or – if your prefer – “a mind-opener crossed with a bodice-ripper.” That's what the Wall Street Journal called this based-on-true-events film about an ordinary man who wins a queen's heart and starts a revolution. Set in the late 18th century, Denmark is ruled by a conservative king, who shows signs of insanity. The royal physician is a ruggedly handsome German – a man of ideals who's eager for social reform. He soon discovers his political match in the beautiful and intellectually captivating young queen. These two kindred spirits become so engrossed in their passion for each other, they fail to notice the conspiracies taking shape around them. The leads (electrifying as star-crossed lovers), the beautiful art direction, and the gorgeous costume design all help to create this sweeping romance. With subtitles. (Nikolai Arcel; Denmark; 2012; 132 min)